Black & White Sand Storm – Aranka Israni

“Black & White Sand Storm” — Aranka Israni


Limited Edition Print:
Edition of 3+2AP
16″x24″, 24″ x 36″, 48″ x 72
Limited Edition Digital C Print
Unframed: Pricing is for Print only. Traditional Matting and Framing optional (price on request, additional shipping cost will also apply) however, these look best mounted behind plexiglass.
Location: White Sands, New Mexico
Year: 2014

  • Print Size: 16X24" - 1/3, 16X24" - 2/3, 16X24" - 3/3, 24X36" - 1/3, 24X36" - 2/3, 24X36" - 3/3, 48X72" - 1/3, 48X72" - 2/3, 48X72" - 3/3
  • Product Type: Photography
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Product Description

The White Sand Series

In deepening her familiarity with the flesh, Aranka, spent a year traveling, photographing sand. Deserts and beaches from New Mexico to Dubai. “Everything that exists in nature exist in the body,” says Aranka alighted on the noted technical challenge of shooting white sand as a means of expanding her repertoire for both the observation and capture of surface and form in rendering states of transition. In White Sands, we note the balance angles and undulation, the textural qualities surface, and the serendipitous arrival of a desert storm.

About Aranka

Aranka Israni’s creations celebrate the honest expressions unique to her subject matter. Her method is rooted in a deep compassion for the individual and honors the source from which we are all an extension.

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Photographer Aranka Israni in her studio located in Soho, NYC

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Print Size

16X24″ – 1/3, 16X24″ – 2/3, 16X24″ – 3/3, 24X36″ – 1/3, 24X36″ – 2/3, 24X36″ – 3/3, 48X72″ – 1/3, 48X72″ – 2/3, 48X72″ – 3/3

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