Under The Rainbow

“Under The Rainbow” — Aranka Israni


Limited Edition Print:
Edition of 3+2AP
16″x24″, 24″ x 36″, 48″ x 72
Limited Edition print on Giclee Watercolour Paper
Unframed: Pricing is for Print only. Traditional Matting and Framing optional (price on request, additional shipping cost will also apply)
Location: Alys Beach, Florida
Year: 2015

  • Print Size: 16X24" - 1/3, 16X24" - 2/3, 16X24" - 3/3, 24X36" - 1/3, 24X36" - 2/3, 24X36" - 3/3, 48X72" - 1/3, 48X72" - 2/3, 48X72" - 3/3
  • Product Type: Photography
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Product Description

About Aranka

Aranka Israni’s creations celebrate the honest expressions unique to her subject matter. Her method is rooted in a deep compassion for the individual and honors the source from which we are all an extension.

The Alys Beach Series

Aranka’s journey towards becoming the artist she is today, began in correspondence with noted master of light and form, Lucien Clergue. It was on the beaches of Arles, and in that friendship that Aranka awoke as an artist. “He stopped at the footprint of a bird in the sand, pausing before our own steps replaced it. ‘Even in the smallest detail’ He said,  “You can find beauty. Don’t miss it.'” It was with Clergue in mind that Aranka captured Florida’s Gulf Coast. It’s moments held in the heart, and the spirit of play and exploration that abound in the footprints and tides of Alys Beach.

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Photographer Aranka Israni in her studio located in Soho, NYC

Additional Information

Print Size

16X24″ – 1/3, 16X24″ – 2/3, 16X24″ – 3/3, 24X36″ – 1/3, 24X36″ – 2/3, 24X36″ – 3/3, 48X72″ – 1/3, 48X72″ – 2/3, 48X72″ – 3/3

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