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OCTOBER 2017 • 25 Central Square, Seaside, FL

October 6, 5PM – 8PM • 25 Central Square, Seaside, FL | First Friday Art Walk

Polli Youngbeck: By Polli

On Friday, October 6, 2017, please join Anne Hunter Galleries for the Seaside First Friday Art Walk, from 5PM – 8PM, at 25 Central Square to view the works by well-known local artist Polli Youngbeck as we celebrate the opening of her show that will run for the month of October.


Anne Hunter Galleries  is located at 25 Central Square, in the heart of Seaside. For  more information: info@annehuntergalleries.com;  214-641-1048; www.annehuntergalleries.com. 

About the Artist:

Polli Youngbeck is best known for her touch of whimsy. Her textural knifework and bold colors reflect Polli’s joy for living.  Her expressive brushstrokes and knifework have the ability to capture and convey pure fun. Says Polli, “I choose to see the humor of the life that God has given us. Beach culture is happy culture. Families come to create memories, to laugh, and to play and I want my paintings to capture those happy moments. When I paint with humor, I am trying to capture those moments, free from care and full of family and life and memories. Remember the happy things, when they’re my age those memories are going to really matter.”

At age six she told everyone that she was going to be an artist.  Then at age 13,  Polli read, “Coffee, Tea or Me,” by Donald Bain, and decided to become a flight attendant. And, as it turned out, she become both an artist and flight attendant.  Polli spent many childhood summers along the shores of the Emerald Coast before graduating from  Auburn University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Design. Through the American Institute for Foreign Studies, the art student spent two semesters in Europe studying German, oil and acrylic painting, pottery and art history. She married, moved to Atlanta and became a flight attendant and continued pursuing art.  There, Polli explored mural work and discovered a love of teaching as she taught private art lessons to middle schoolers from her home.  Decorators also took notice and started selling her work.  In 2008, she moved to the Beaches of South Walton and became the area’s premier hand-drawn henna artist and now continues to forge a name for herself in the local art scene of 30A.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to view the full collection:  Polli Youngbeck 850-xxx-xxxx; email. 

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