Aranka Israni

The Bodyscapes Series

To meet the openness of her subjects Aranka pursues deep body consciousness, she works with a contortionist and studies circus arts. When not shooting, her studio becomes a stage for the practice of aerial tissu. Lavender chords descend from the ceiling in a space where the practice where inverting and elongating the body’s potentials becomes play.  The body and its greatest gifts, represent the foundation of Aranka’s work, comprising the exquisite forms rendered in Bodyscapes.

About Aranka

Aranka Israni’s creations celebrate the honest expressions unique to her subject matter. Her method is rooted in a deep compassion for the individual and honors the source from which we are all an extension.

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Photographer Aranka Israni in her studio located in Soho, NYC

Two nude figures form an abstract landscape, represented here in exquisite form rendered in "Bodyscape Dunes" limited edition, black and white print by photographer Aranka Israni
Bodyscape Dunes — Aranka Israni

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