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Porcelain Hollow Zig Zag — Tucker Robbins


Material: Porcelain
Size: 17.5”H x 14.5”Dia

  • Colors: Cobalt Blue, Robin's Egg Blue, White
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Product Description

Porcelain Hollow Zig Zag

Originally derived from the Mayan church columns of Chajul, Guatemala, this form was reinterpreted first in wood by the carvers of the Oku tribes of Cameroon and then in porcelain by ceramic artisans in Peru. The zig-zag form can be found throughout the world’s ancient cultures; each artisan has interpreted the form in a unique way reflection their own culture.

Assisted by Aid to Artisans and funded by USAID money, Tucker helped found the porcelain workshop that produces his pieces as a way to give the people of Peru meaningful, fulfilling jobs to dispel the strife of civil war.

Available Colors: White, Cobalt Blue and Robin’s Egg Blue
Size: 17.5”H x 14.5”Dia

Suitable for indoors and outdoors in wet or dry locations.


About Tucker:
For the past 30 years, Tucker Robbins’ passion has been bringing the spirit and craft from traditional artisans to contemporary life. By combining ancient techniques and iconic forms, he creates furniture that is both modern and timeless. He has created thriving artisan workshops in Guatemala, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Cameroon, working with sustainably harvested or reclaimed materials. Through his support of indigenous cultures and traditional handcraft he has formed partnerships with tribal chiefs, Arabian sheikhs, and village artisans around the world. The result is a collection of furniture with a spirit and life of its own.

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Cobalt Blue, Robin’s Egg Blue, White