Kids and Kites

“Kids and Kites” — Woodie Long


Kites and Kids”
Woodie Long
Year: 2009
Medium: Acrylic on wood
Size: 49″X49″
Framed: Yes

  • Product Type: Painting

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Woodie Long (1942-2009)

Woodie Long may have originally been a house painter by trade, but he was a true storyteller and artist at heart. His gregarious nature and love of life gave him a unique perspective, an ability to see each new day as a fresh chance to find wonder. It was an almost child-like zeal, easily seen in the many paintings he produced during his later years. And with each of the colorful works he created, Long offered a peek into his own life and his childhood as a poor sharecropper’s son—showing not a hard history full of struggle; but one of happy memories, glimpses of carefree moments of pure, simple joy.

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